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We have a very simple approach for today’s Real Estate Market our goal is to get The Real Buyers to Call  you The Sellers Directly or The Sellers  Listing Agent “First”!      Then Make their Offer!. It’s a Better System with Full Disclosure for The Real Buyers,The Sellers and The Sellers Listing Agents . It is Free to join for All Sellers & Listing Agents!


All Sellers and Professional Listing  Agents are all welcome to join our Trademarked BY OWNER HOME SALE Program for Free!  We provide “The ONLY Direct Connection corner by corner street by street promotions that are Bringing The Real Buyers Directly to The Sellers. We provide better Marketing Services and It’s totally Flexible to The Sellers and  Listing Agent needs.

Listings &  Image is what you have In Mind.

We have sold Real Property in 37 States and have learned what attracts and what does not.attract Buyers in All Categories. No matter if your have a Large Tract of Land  or a Commercial Building  or a lot ,apartments, Homes. All assets receive Their own Sales Program.  Image is perception we give great Images! Call let US discuss. Image is Everything Previewed! We Give Image. 

eBid for The Real Buyers-Zip-Code Home Buyers

Today’s Online Buyers have been “Misdirected by The Zillows of Today!".  No Body knows the Property like a Seller or The Sellers Listing Agent. As a Buyer why would you call anyone else? View the personal video about the property, Fill-In The eBid Form or Just Call The Sellers Direct contact number and make it happen Captain. Zip-Code Buyers deserve to Know The Truth. They get it from The Sellers or from The Sellers Agents! Its the way it was supposed to be.

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Once you have joined Us for Free on our Online Buyers & Sellers Bidding Platform. You will be given your Login and Pass code to access and will be able to change at will. We will share our knowledge with you. We will set up your eBid Offer Page for you, with a recommended Vendor for your property (Optional).  

Your By Owner Home Sale Affiliates

Each eBid Offer Page has very select advertising that may be placed with the recommendation of The Sellers or The Sellers Listing Agent. These Affiliates work to provide the completion of the Escrow, Title, Escrow, Mortgage, etc. These Vendor Affiliate Advertisers are local and ready to help the transaction close. 

QuietAuction.Online Tailored Services

We consider ourselves By Owner Home Sale eMarketing Advertising Service the 1st of our kind in the Real Estate Industry. We have the ability to design any Marketing Plan for any type of asset and create a Promotional Marketing Events anywhere in the country,to achieve whatever goals that need to be met for our Sellers and The Sellers Listing Agents, Call us to discuss (951) 781-6900 John Paul